Further Materials

Below is a collection of literature, images and visualisations we came up with during the course of our research:

Used IoT-objects

Smart TV | Samsung PNF8500samsungsmarttv

“SmartTV with motion and voice control, SmartTV platform, camera and collaboration with wi-fi and bluetooth enabled devices.”

Sensors: Camera, Microphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
Data collection: Could potentially track conversations.Samsung states you can shut down the feature down.

Smart StoveJune: Intelligent Oven smartstovesmall

“Your food’s weight and temperature are constantly monitored as it cooks to ensure perfect results.Identifies the food with its in-ceiling camera, weighs it, and recommends a cooking program.”

Sensors: Camera, Weight sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
Data collection: Monitor food preferences, calories consumed and eating habits. 

Smart Fridge| Samsung Family Hub  fridge

“The Family Hub™ is a revolutionary new refrigerator with a Wifi enabled touchscreen that lets you manage your groceries, connect with your family and entertain like never before.”

Sensors: 3 Camera’s, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
Data collection: Analyses your shopping behaviour, food consumption, orders your groceries for you, gives you recipes.

Smart Toy| Ubooly  booly.png

“Ubooly is powered by your smartphone or tablet and quickly adapts to your child. This magical friend will teach and entertain for hours on end.”

Sensors (iPhone 4): Microphone, Camera, Gyroscope, GPS, Thermometer, Proximity sensor, Motion sensor, Ambient Light, Compass, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.
Data collection: …. 

Smart Bed| Luna  luna

“Luna is a pretty cool product that turns your ben into a smart bed. It intelligently manages your bed temperature, tracks sleep, and makes your bed smart.”

Sensors: Microphone, Thermometers, Pressure sensors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.
Data collection: …………

Researched IoT-objects

Smart Garden: Click and Grow
Grow fresh herbs in your home with smart soil, semi-automatic watering, temperature control based on room temperature, watering reminder, monitoring of plant health, control of growth cycles, control sensors and growth optimization possibilities. Handle with your smartphone.

Smart Coffee Maker: Prodigio
Schedule brewing, manage capsules stock, program coffee at desired time, receive maintenance alters, handle with your smartphone.

Smart Lightbulbs: Philips Hue
Away-from-home control, light schedule, create your ambience, wake up, wellbeing, paint with light, comfort dimming, sync with music, sync with movie, Siri set up/integration. Handle with smartphone/tablet.

Smart Vent: Keen
Customize temperature of individual rooms, room by room usage, connected to the Internet and to other smart vents, enable auto-balancing, air purifier, protection of germs and pollutants, integration with Nest possible. Handle with smartphone, receive quick fix tips to develop halthier habits, analuzing data, understanding the users behaviour patterns.

Smart Shopping: Amazon Dash
For water, detergent, toiletpaper, gatorade, personal and health (condoms, tampons), Wi-Fi connected, reorders products. One Dash button for each product. Work in any location with Wi-Fi connection. Additional handeling from smartphone.

Smart Monitoring: iBaby
Baby Monitor, night-vision monitor, live streaming, handle with smatphone. Up to four users can watch at the same time, take photos through the app and share them right away.



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